My story

The dream of a little girl Mundi strolling over black and white keys, following the sounds of classical music with her hands, and unconsciously conducting the most beautiful melodies came true. It took her into the fascinating world of music. At that time, she was not yet aware that she had already opened the door to the path she still follows today.

I am very grateful to the little girl for giving me the strength to follow my heart and enter a beautiful but demanding musical world. At first, I was an amateur conductor, but that soon changed, as working with an amateur orchestra (Lesce Wind Orchestra) gave me more than I could have ever imagined. Youthful enthusiasm, perseverance, will, and hard work brought progress. My successes were also noticed abroad, so I received an invitation to study in the Netherlands. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that at the time of my graduation, I was employed as a percussionist in the Slovenian Army Orchestra. The completion of my studies in 2002 was my debut as a conductor with the Slovenian Army Orchestra, and the excellent radio review gave me the impetus to move forward. Since then, I have changed the “last seat” of the orchestra for the “first,” assisted many conductors, and worked as the conductor and artistic director for almost 18 years.

While studying in the Netherlands with maestro Jan Cober, I realized how crucial further education is, so I continued my studies of conducting with maestro Marko Letonja at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana and improved my knowledge at the international seminars led by Jorma Panula, George Pehlivanian and Dejan Savić for opera conducting. Experience with symphony orchestras and various projects of diverse ensembles gave me an insight into various musical activities and performances of all musical genres.

Now I am embarking on an independent musical path. The third prize and the special prize for the best female conductor at the international conducting competition in Brașov, Romania, opened up new career paths for me. Furthermore, the qualifications for the semi-finals of the Blue Danube opera conducting competition with the orchestra of the Stara Zagora Bulgarian State Opera strengthened my love for opera and awarded me with international collaborations.

In addition to my career as a conductor, I want to continue to pass on my knowledge and experience to younger generations. I place the greatest emphasis on conducting, to which I have devoted much of my working time and education at prestigious academies, seminars, and advanced trainings. I am increasingly aware of the importance of continuous work and upgrading knowledge in this field. At the same time, my experience has convinced me that it is essential to start conducting as soon as possible, when our musical life begins to be recorded with notes and scores. I believe my path would have been much easier if, as a little girl, I had been able to take at least a little peek into the world of conducting.

Andreja Šolar